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Looking For A New Home?
Our goal is to put your mind at ease and offer you a time tested strategy for dealing with many of the home purchase decisions you will face.

Home Buyers Strategy


"Voortman Realty exceeded my expectations. Voortman Realty made time to take me to view houses whenever they came available night or day. At that time houses were selling very fast and you needed to be on top of it or else the houses were sold before you could blink your eyes. I was given honest feedback on the houses we saw and when it came down to the final purchase of our home wise advice was given and I was able to secure the house even though the house was just made available and there were many people interested in it and putting in offers on it."

Lianne S.

Before looking for a new home:

Voortman Realty understands the complexity, stress and uncertainty of buying another home. Our goal is to put your mind at ease and offer you a time tested strategy for dealing with many of the home purchase decisions you will face. Calvin Voortman will meet with you to analyze your current status and together come up with a strategy to be more prepared when purchasing your new home.

Voortman will help you understand:

  • Location priorities for your needs and dreams
  • Financial ability and opportunities
  • Home design and layout preferences
  • Different types of Purchase Offers
  • The real costs of buying a home today
  • Monthly costs to continue owning your new home

Mortgage Calculator

Consider the Trends

Calvin has extensive experience and knowledge of the markets, and keeps up to date with all the current trends within the financial and mortgage markets.

Looking for that dream home?

Once you have decided on a particular area and price range, Voortman Realty will initially send you a listing of homes currently for sale which match your criteria. As more homes come on the market meeting your criteria, we will alert you daily.

When a suitable home is found, Voortman will review this home with you on location to see if it actually fits your criteria. With 15 years of experience ensuring clients are satisfied with their purchase, Calvin will also be looking for possible problems and pitfalls before calling in a home inspector. There are two reasons for this extra precaution:

  • To inform his buyer of possible work ahead fixing unnoticed problems.
  • To use these problems when negotiating the best deal possible for you as a buyer.


Voortman Realty has a 15 year track record of helping home buyers get the house they want at a price they cannot resist. Voortman Realty Inc has developed a unique negotiating process that has historically ensured we get you the best possible deal. That may seem like a hollow sales pitch but be assured it is not . Call us to find how we do it.

Paperwork Checklist

Voortman Realty will walk you through step by step all the paperwork requirements required to complete your new home purchase. You will not have to face this monster alone.

After the sale

Once you have purchased your home, we at Voortman Realty Inc make sure that from the time the negotiations are complete to the day you move in, we handle and oversee all the details that need to be dealt with. Worry less and enjoy your new home more.