Information For First Time Home Buyers

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Information For First Time Home Buyers

There is lots of information for first time home buyers to get you started on your journey to buying a home. The more information you know up front the quicker and easier the process to buying your first home is.

Some of the basic Information for first time home buyers includes finding out if you are pre-approved for a mortgage. Essentially this process can be done at a bank of your choosing or with a mortgage broker to simply determine if you can afford a home. This is a good place to start if you aren’t sure if you can afford a home in the first place. You may be surprised at the information you find from this.

The other big part of being a first time home buyer is finding someone that can help with the entire process. A real estate agent can get you the information you need as a first time home buyer and work for you in accomplishing your goal of buying your first home.

These are some of the questions first time home buyers should ask themselves. This will provide us with a good list to work out a plan to buy your first home:

How long do I plan to live in this first home?
What immediate needs does my first home have to meet?
What do I require near the location of my first home?
What repairs and renovations am I willing to do myself?
Where will the money be coming from to pay for the down payment and all upfront costs that a mortgage does not hold?
Will I have money for basic furniture and appliances?
Will my current furniture fit into the first home I am looking at?
Can I afford the yearly ownership costs?

Voortman has information for first time home buyers so please contact us today if you are ready to get started finding your first home!

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