Selling Your Home

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Selling Your Home?
Feeling comfortable and confident in your real estate agent is key to stress free selling.

Home Sellers Strategy


"It was stress free. I've never sold a house before but it was very easy with Voortman Realty. They told us what was going on in the market and showed us comparables."

Christie M.

Does selling your home mean losing your mind?

Feeling comfortable and confident in your real estate agent is key to stress free selling. You need to feel comfortable your agent has your best interests in mind and confident they can negotiate the best deal for your home. Calvin Voortman will be honest and practical but not push you to sell at any price. Since you have already discussed your expectations with him before the first offer was ever submitted, there is no need to pressure you.

Research Matters

Prior to putting your home on the market Calvin will do extensive research in the immediate area of your home. Our research includes comparable homes that have sold recently and current homes on the market that your house will need to compete with. Calvin will even go with you and view homes currently on the market so you have a full understanding of how well your house can compete to help it sell faster and for more money.

Not quite the perfect home

Once you have made the decision to sell with Voortman Realty, Calvin will visit with you at your home and discuss weaknesses that will hinder the sale of your home. Most sellers believe their home is saleable as is but this is often not true. Voortman Realty can point out most buyer’s objections before they have a chance to see them so you have an opportunity to resolve these pitfalls.

Is it possible to sell my house faster and for more money?

As a seller you want to get as much equity as possible out of your current home without the stress and hassle of buyer surprises. Over the years Calvin has developed a program exclusive to Voortman Realty known as Accurate Sale Selling. This tried and tested program insures that your home will sell quickly and for as much money as possible. Learn more about the Accurate Sale Selling program.

Is it possible to save money too?

Voortman Realty Inc has also developed a variety of options in selling your home that will save you as a seller thousands of dollars compared with selling through other real estate companies. We know, it seems hard to believe, but it’s true and we can show you how. Even those companies that promote themselves as 0% commission real estate companies don’t have the advantage we can offer you. Still skeptical? Give us a call.

What other advantages does Voortman offer?

Marketing your home goes far beyond a sign on your front lawn and an ad in the newspaper. Voortman Realty has been very successful over the years selling homes using proven methods other companies ignore or will not spend the money on. Voortman Realty uses a professional photographer and all the latest technological tools via the internet and virtual tours to market your property more effectively.

Your home is likely your most valuable asset and deserves the very best marketing expertise available. Voortman Realty strongly feels that a professional set of photos to enhance your home is the most powerful tool for attracting interest from buyers. As a result, we hire a professional photographer to take all our photos.

One call can save you thousands

Hard to believe, but true! Call Voortman Realty today and talk to Calvin to discuss how he can sell your home quickly and save you thousands of dollars.