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What Our Customers Are Saying


Voortman Realty Inc. is excited to hear and share with you what our customers are saying about us. Customer feed-back provides us with the tools we need to grow in the right direction and maximize on what we are doing right for our clients. Here are some of the questions we have asked and received answers to.

Real Answers From Real Customers...

Did we adequately explain the process so you could make informed decisions?

"Absolutely, when a sale did not happen, and frustration set in, he always reassured us that the sale was not meant to be and the right property would come along. Also explaining, "would I be willing to lose a property based on X amount?" that helped make our decision much easier."

- Teresa Huinink

In what ways did we meet or exceed your expectations? If we failed to meet any, what were they?

"Sold the home in record speed!"

- Judith Birnie

Did you feel unnecessarily pressured by us or did we help ease your stress?

"There was no sense of pressure during this transaction. Cal was always readily available with updates and to answer any questions that came up."

- John Schofield

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Did we try to meet your expectations in what you were looking for in a home?

"Yes. We laid out what we felt was important and you helped us find that."

- Amy Stutsman

If you acted on our advice, do you believe it helped sell your home?

"Calvins style and confidence was a factor in us choosing Voortman Realty."

- Dave & Karen Vandermeulen

If this was your first time buying a home, would you do anything different?

"No we had a very good result for our first home."

- Peter Werder

If someone recommended us to you, what were the qualities that helped you decide?


Sales experience

Awareness of Cal's code of ethics

Cal's experience with house flips & what works

Knew Cal and Simone personally

- Andy Robertson


Let us show what our customers are talking about..

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