Our Proud Sponsorship of the 30th Annual “For All God’s Children” Golf Tournament

Earlier this month, we had the incredible honour of being the Title Sponsor for the 30th Annual “For All God’s Children” Golf Tournament. This event holds a special place in our hearts, and we are thrilled to share the impact and success of this year’s tournament with you.

Our Journey as Sponsors

For the past five years, we have proudly supported this tournament as sponsors. Each year, we have seen firsthand the positive difference it makes in our community. This year, we decided to take our commitment to the next level by becoming the Title Sponsor. Our decision to do so reflects our deep dedication to the cause and our desire to make an even greater impact.

The Impact of the Tournament

We are delighted to announce that this year’s tournament raised over $45,000 for the “All God’s Children” program at Calvin Christian School Hamilton. This significant contribution will go a long way in supporting the education and enrichment of special needs children within our community.

About “All God’s Children”

“All God’s Children” is a remarkable program run by Calvin Christian School Hamilton. It is dedicated to providing tailored educational experiences for special needs children, ensuring they receive the support and opportunities they deserve.

The program plays a crucial role in fostering an inclusive and supportive learning environment, making a lasting difference in the lives of these children and their families.

Highlights of the Event

The tournament was a day filled with excitement, camaraderie, and generosity. Participants enjoyed a beautiful day on the green, all while contributing to a worthy cause. Highlights included:

  • Inspiring speeches from program beneficiaries and their families
  • Enthusiastic participation from golfers and supporters
  • A spirited auction that added to the funds raised
  • Heartwarming testimonials that underscored the importance of the “All God’s Children” program

Our Commitment to the Cause

Supporting special needs education is a cause we hold dear. Our involvement in this tournament and our partnership with Calvin Christian School Hamilton are testaments to our commitment to fostering inclusive educational environments. We look forward to continuing our support and finding new ways to make a positive impact in the future.


We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the participants, donors, and volunteers who made this event possible. Your generosity and dedication have made a lasting difference in the lives of special needs children and their families. Together, we have achieved something truly special.

We encourage everyone to continue supporting the “All God’s Children” program and similar initiatives. If you would like to contribute or learn more about this wonderful program, please visit the Calvin Christian School Hamilton website or reach out to us for more information. Together, we can continue to drive change and make every year bigger and better.

Thank you for being a part of this journey with us. Let’s keep making a difference, one step at a time.



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