How to Choose the Right Neighbourhood For You and Your Family.

When considering a new home, there are a few things to think about when choosing the right neighbourhood for you and your family. When deciding on where you are going to spend the next few years of your life can be quite an intimidating task, as it can involve various factors that can impact your quality of life.

However, with detailed consideration, and a foolproof plan, you can find the perfect neighbourhood that meets the needs and requirements of you and your family.

Here are a few important factors to keep in mind when choosing the right neighbourhood for your family.

1. Location is Everything

The number one thing to consider when choosing a new neighbourhood is its location. It’s time to start thinking about the distance the new location is to work, school, and other additional amenities like shops, grocery stores, and extracurricular activities.

It’s also important to consider how easily accessible public transportation is, especially if your access to a vehicle is limited. Depending on what is important for you and your family, the location of your new neighbourhood is a top priority for most buyers when seeking a new home.

2. Is the Location Safe?

Safety is a must-have for families seeking new homes, so it is best to research the area you are considering. There are many free sites you can use to check the safety of your neighbourhood, we recommend using the Canadian Statistical Geospatial Explorer. You can also browse the Neighbourhood Protect website as a communication tool to keep up with incidents in your desired area.

If you are still unsure about the area, feel free to reach out to someone on our team. Voortman Realty has been in the real estate industry for over a decade and can provide advice on the location and safety of your next home. On top of consulting with your realtor, you can consider checking local police reports or speaking to residents in the area to get a feel for the safety of the neighbourhood.

3. What are the Schools Like?

If you have children, the location, safety, and quality of a school should also be a top consideration when purchasing a new home. It is best to research the school district and read reviews from other parents to get an idea of the quality of education your children might receive. 

We recommend using Lechool for specific schools and honest ratings. You can also consider using tools like Scholarhood for up-to-date rankings in the Toronto area.

4. Neighbourhood Community and Appearance

The community in a neighbourhood can have a make-or-break impact on a new family. It is best to research a neighbourhood that has a strong sense of community and plenty of opportunities for growth, activities, and engaging in extracurricular events. 

Depending on the area, some communities have news/announcement boards, Facebook groups, and committees that can help organize community events. Researching the area and the opportunities within will ensure the potential neighbourhood is a good fit for you and your family! 

Appearance-wise, spend some time walking around the neighbourhood and see how well it is maintained. Do the houses have groomed yards, fences, and driveways? Take notes on how the streets and sidewalks are maintained, and browse vacant properties or abandoned property lots. Depending on the future of the neighbourhood, try researching the development plans and whether the vacant lots are a potential for retail//commercial spaces. 

If you are unable to visit the area before buying (as it may be in a different city), but you still want to get a good feel for the neighbourhood, consider using Google Street View.

5. Future Considerations

With the rising cost of living in each city and neighbourhood, this will include not only the cost of housing but also the cost of utilities, groceries and other essential items associated with the cost of living. It’s important to consider the future when choosing a neighbourhood. Think about the potential for growth in the area, the likelihood of new developments, and the environment, but most of all, choose what is best for you and your family.

While there may be particular trade-offs between different neighbourhoods, it is important to think about the lifestyle and needs of your family and choose a neighbourhood that best aligns with your values and way of living.


By taking the time to research the above factors, you are ensuring that you have taken the appropriate steps to carefully consider all of the factors involved in selecting a home in the appropriate neighbourhood. 

Trusting professionals in finding a home can also help leverage the stress and uncertainty of finding a location that is perfect for you. Speak with a member of the Voortman Realty team today and find a home that is the perfect fit for you and your family.

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