Why High-Quality Real Estate Photography is Important

If you’re planning on putting your house on the market soon, you probably have millions of things going on in your head. 

There is quite a bit of prep that goes into listing your house for sale. One of the many tasks that you will have to check off is taking images of your home.

5 Important Benefits of High-Quality Real Estate Photos

Real estate images can range from pixelated and fuzzy to eye-catching and professional. 

Depending on your budget and schedule, you may believe that spending time and money on high-quality images could be a waste. However, there are plenty of benefits that you should consider. 

As you work towards selling your home, here are 5 benefits of hiring a professional real estate photographer who is able to provide high-quality photos of your home. 

1. Create a Strong First Impression

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover – but, we often do. When it comes to looking at home listings online, an image can say a thousand words and can give potential buyers a strong first impression of the listing. 

When you list your home, you should consider which image you want to place as the primary photo that will be seen first by potential clients. You will want to choose an image that provides a feel of the home’s exterior and the property itself. 

Just like a book cover, you want to set a strong first impression for buyers with high-quality images.

2. Provide Buyers with a Comprehensive Picture

Along with setting a first impression, professional photos will help provide buyers with a comprehensive picture of the entire property. 

While one photo can lead to clicks, an entire collection of professional real estate photos will help buyers get a sense of the entire property without even having to leave their home.

Professional real estate photographers work to capture homes so that clients know what the layout, rooms, and exterior looks like before booking a showing. A wide-angle lens and wide-angle shots will help buyers get a sense of each room’s size and layout as well. 

Multiple images should be used when listing your house. You should build a shot list so that your photographer knows what they will need to capture before they start shooting.

While capturing everything might be a time-consuming task for you or a real estate photographer, you and your potential buyer will be grateful for each picture.

3. Quicker Sale of Your Home

Once a buyer looks through an image gallery and decides they like the house, they will often set up a showing with their real estate agent. 

Enticing real estate photography, galleries motivate buyers to take that next step and book a showing. Great photos not only tell a story but can also make the entire process easier and quicker for everyone involved. 

In fact, many real estate agents have seen that listings that use professional real estate photography see faster sales and fewer days on the market.

4. Cater To Busy Buyers

For people with busy schedules, lengthy showings and open houses can seem impossible to attend. Real estate photography works to cater to busy buyers who may not have a ton of open time to do a showing at a house they are mildly interested in. 

Rather, quality images provide these buyers with enough information they need to decide next steps. 

With an entire gallery of images, potential buyers are able to see every room in the home from multiple angles and really get a sense of the property, from the dining room and kitchen to the basement and attic.

5. Sell Your Home For More

Along with quicker sales, a set of quality pictures of your home can often lead to your house selling for more than the asking price. Think about a damaged and ragged book cover. 

Many book buyers will look towards the brand new, shiny cover rather than the one with the damaged cover – even if the content stays the same. 

High-quality pictures, especially interior photos, can boost the value of the home and can lead to the home selling for more than the asking price. 

Professional photography, solid editing, a quality camera, and some natural light can all help boost the value of your properties which can lead to a higher offer from a buyer. 

Many photographers will recommend shooting in the early morning or late afternoon to get the best light temperatures during the editing process and for consistent results overall. 

All your images should seek to provide value to your home, from showing off the bright windows, clean kitchen countertops, and your exterior setup.

Want to Set The Stage For Potential Buyers? Voortman Realty is Here to Help!

Shooting real estate photography takes time and skill. For some, hiring a professional photographer for real estate needs can be out of the budget.

That’s where the team at Voortman Realty comes in!

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