2023 Is A Year Of Growth And Change.

It’s a new year, and with that comes new goals and new commitments. We are starting this year off with some exciting new updates.

Sarah Vanderveen officially joins the Voortman Realty team as a partner alongside Calvin Voortman. Sarah has a proven track record of consistently exceeding expectations and servicing clients at a high standard.

In a challenging market, Calvin and Sarah aim to build a team that will help service you and your specific needs. This means coming up with a strategic plan to help you achieve your real estate dreams. 

We are aware that buying and selling is not always as straightforward as it may seem, and that’s why our number one priority is providing excellence in every aspect of the real estate transaction; from start to finish, we are on your side, guiding you through the process.  We search attentively; leveraging our networks to your advantage, and will make responsible recommendations based on close attention to your personal needs and financial situation. 

Above all, Voortman Realty offers experience and reputable advice so you can be confident in whichever plan you choose. Whether you’re single, a couple, a family, an investor, a developer or a business, we have the expertise to unite you with a new home or space that is suitable to your specific needs.

Our New Look

You have probably already noticed that we have a new look! Our business has grown and evolved over the last 20 years, and with the new partnership came a unique opportunity to refresh our brand to accurately reflect who we are today and our vision moving forward.

It unifies everything we currently do at Voortman Realty and sets the stage for what’s coming next. Professional, approachable and trustworthy — this is our new brand and logo. We feel it speaks volumes about our company and the world-class service we look to provide.

Alongside this new brand, we have also taken the opportunity to refresh our website using our new visual identity. We wanted to focus on building a modern, professional website that would be easy to navigate.

We have also added new and valuable information to help new visitors understand who we are, our process, and what to expect when working with us.

Maintaining Our Values

As an independent brokerage, the team here at Voortman Realty is dedicated to providing professional, honest, and knowledgeable services while maintaining trust and commitment.

We are client-centric realtors, providing ground-breaking services that will result in long-lasting relationships and incomparable results. 

This means we are committed to improving the industry from the inside out. Our values hold strong in our company, and it is something we provide in our day-to-day business.

What Makes Voortman Realty Different?

There are many qualities that set Voortman Realty apart from the rest. Because of the family-like atmosphere and small business aura, when working with Voortman Realty, you can expect to deal with Calvin Voortman and/or Sarah Vanderveen directly.

By following a personal approach, the two really enjoy getting to know our clients on another level and have continued to build an impressive list of repeat clients as a result. 

Customer service has always been a top priority here at Voortman Realty, and one of the main focuses has always been clear communication which is built on trust and loyalty.

We are driven to succeed by guiding and building strong financial pictures for our clients to help eliminate any potential surprises. We keep our ears to the ground and work quickly to help maximize opportunities for our clients whenever available.

With over twenty years of experience, Voortman Realty has developed a strong understanding of the real estate market and is a trusted resource when advising our clients accordingly.

A Dynamic Partnership

The addition of Sarah to the Voortman Realty team and her push for innovation with an emphasis on a client-centric atmosphere, combined with Calvin’s years of industry experience, makes Voortman Realty the ideal brokerage.

Over the years, Voortman Realty has built trust and credibility that has propelled the business above others in a positive direction. Everyone at Voortman Realty has a variety of skill-sets, and joining forces is an exciting step forward.

What Does This Mean For You?

We understand that it is common for people to have reservations about change. However, we want to emphasize that, in this instance, change is good and benefits you. Calvin has built and maintained relationships with clients for many years, and the trusted partnerships he built will remain the same.

With the addition of Sarah, she will assist in areas that help improve the service that our clients will receive. By leveraging our team, Calvin and Sarah’s strengths and their network, Voortman Realty is excited about what this means for the brokerage and our clients moving forward. Here’s to a bright future!

If you have any questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us!



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